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I am fascinated by the impulse that we have to draw; the need to express ourselves and to impose an order and structure on what we see and feel, in an attempt to make sense of the world. That expression, its colour, control, the line that hovers between recognition to the point at which our minds create visual meaning, is endlessly intriguing.

I have a specific interest in the human figure, exploring how we see ourselves and our relationships in the wider world. I enjoy experimenting with colour, structure and texture and how they inform our perception, experimenting with degrees of control and free expression.



My formative years were spent in Denmark, England and South Africa, which offered interesting and varied cultural perspectives, which I am able to draw from.

University allowed me, for the first time since primary school the opportunity to do fine art, alongside my principle subject, journalism. This proved key to my subsequently obtaining a position as a trainee textile designer, which laid the foundations of a strong sense of pattern and colour. I followed this by working for a fine art and antique dealer in London’s West End.

I then decided to return to full time study, starting out in fine art before settling on graphic design. This subsequently became the successful career path that I followed for many years, working in retail packaging for a number of design companies in London, both as a full-time employee and later freelance.

A few years ago, in need of a change, I went to France with the objective of learning the language and to try my hand focusing on my own work, whilst developing my techniques and style. This period has proved to be both informative and rewarding.